2021 Goals


I’ve been doing some thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2021 and figured a blog post would be a good way to keep myself accountable. Plus it’s nice to write these goals down somewhere besides an old notebook. So here goes:


Graduate college

I’m on my fourth term at WGU and I’m very excited to be done with it. I’ll be completely honest: I decided to go back to school because I thought a degree would open up doors for me that I wanted to go through. IT is one of those areas where it’s easy enough to get your foot in the door without a degree but tricky to move up without one. Experience is king but a college degree is a hard requirement for many HR departments. Plus I loved that WGU offered actual certifications as the finals for certain classes. Anyway, I’ll probably write more about WGU when I’m done with it. I’m terrible at sticking with things so graduating in 2021 would be a great boost not only for my career but also my own morale.

Hit 20K in savings

I’m not great with money. Not sure if this comes through in my Spending project but I tend to make impluse buys that I either don’t need or actually want. In 2021 I want to try to curb my spending. How will I do this? Well, I think the first step for me is really understanding where my money goes and why. That’s partially why I started the Spending project on this blog. And that’s also why I decided to make it a manual process instead of automating it. If I have to manually note every dollar I spend and then publicly report it then I’ll consider my purchases more closely. I’ve already seen this happen and have been surprised by it. So that project will continue and I’ll also try to finally create a budget and stick to it. We’ll see how that goes.

Journal daily

I want to be able to look back at a week, month, or year, and actually see what I was thinking on a specific day. I want to see what my worries were and what made me happy or sad. I want to come closer to reliving the good times and understanding the bad. So I decided I would try keeping a daily journal in 2021.


Most of these goals are the same as the ones I started trying to build in late 2020. The journaling one is new.

Habit Frequency
Read >= 1 page 1x / day
Molding Mobility stretches 1x / day
Starting Stretching 1x / every 2 days
Cardio for >= 15 minutes 1x / day
Journal 1x / day

I’ll be doing monthly “In Review” posts summarizing how successful I was with these habits.