2022 Goals


Time for some 2022 goals. But first…

2021 Goals Update

Warning: this is brutal.

  1. Graduate college - Hah! Somehow I inverted this goal and ended up dropping out of college again. Fun times. I’ll probably write a blog post talking about this decision in-depth but for now, just know that I still believe this was the right choice.
  2. Hit 20k in savings - Did it! Very briefly. More info in my 2021 Retrospective post.
  3. Journal daily - Nope. I didn’t feel like this was helping me as much as causing stress. I might try it out again in 2022 but it won’t be a set goal.

2022 Goals

Hit 20k in savings (again)

Probably the most sensible goal for 2022. I need to build back my savings in order to have an emergency fund and quickly pay off my debts (auto and student loans). As of 12/31 I’m at $3,689.63. So that leaves $16,310.37 to be saved.

Develop and keep a consistent workout routine

I have a gym membership and can also workout at home if needed. The main issue is being consistent. To that end, I’m going to try and workout at least 3x/week this year.

Become fluent in Russian

I’m a native Russian speaker but have gradually lost much of my speaking ability through years of English school. My reading and writing are even worse. I want to re-learn the language to have it in my back pocket for the future and, more importantly, to better communicate with my family.


So, what habits am I trying to build/break in 2022?

Habit Frequency
Read >= 1 page 1x / day
Molding Mobility stretches 1x / day
Cardio for >= 5 minutes 1x / day
Study Russain 1x / day
Don’t order food N/A
No nicotine N/A

A few notes: