This page exists because I believe in salary transparency. It’s not meant to be boastful. While I’m proud of my salary progression, someone’s pay is not a true measure of that person, nor is it indicative of their work. The sad truth is that Americans (and others) have been conditioned to believe that speaking openly about their pay is either illegal (it isn’t) or taboo.

Talk openly about your pay and take some power away from corporations.

Title Time in Position Salary
Service Coordinator 1 year, 2 months $31,200
Desktop Support I 1 year, 3 months $50,000
Desktop Support II 1 year, 1 month $56,000
IT Support Engineer 1 year, 1 month $70,000
Lead IT Support Engineer 1 year, 1 month $95,000
ServiceNow Engineer Current $102,000